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Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Lindsay Goranson as Kathryn Mosier , Heather O'Neill as Jennie Mosier , Kacie Marie as Emily Mosier , Taylor Nicholson as Hannah Mosier , Tabetha Ray as Olivia Mosier , Jason Ufema as Jeremy Whitlock , Anastasiya Orlova as Young Kathryn , Emily Rose Cofer as Young Jennie , Bella Rose as Young Emily , Avery Cutrone as Young Hannah , Jenna Cutrone as Young Olivia , Ethan Dobler as Young Jeremy , Suzanne Sadler as Gail Mosier , Maya Mironenko as Young Gail , Bill Roddey as Mr. Sims other cast: , Jenni Sykes as Restaurant Patron #2, Julie Ufema as High Top Woman, Vicki Lewis as Bar Patron #4, Leilani Goode as Employee #2, Amanda Colianni as Jessica, Orris Knepp as High Top Man, Isaac Williams as Drunk Guy, Gail McDougall as Elderly Mourner, Dane Ufema as Wagon Pullee, Steve Sowers as Paramedic #2, Patricia Zannino as Red Hat Lady #2, Patrick Turner as Patrick, Nicky Hetrick as Restaurant Patron #1, Todd Lewis as Bar Patron #3, Angelo Cutrone as Wagon Puller, Carla Pannizzo as Mom#2, John Pannizzo as Bartender, Janet Cutrone as Rose, Lori Henry as Red Hat Lady #1, Alan K. Peoples as Bar Patron #1, Kelsey Talis as Bonnie, Stephanie Strickler as Employee #1, Melissa Zook as Bar Waitress, Mike Diesel as Chris, Marybeth Pietropaolo as Bar Patron #2, Steve Henry as Charles Mosier, Ryan Barlett as Paramedic #1, Howard Foss as Store Owner, Vincent Mannino as Arthur Pierce, Lorraine K. Bingman as Mrs. Cravitz, Matt Viens as James, Maxi Curry as Mom #1, James Shouse as Groundskeeper , Justin Lasut as Background (uncredited), Stephanie Ulmer as Background (uncredited), Josh Yoder as Background (uncredited)

Plot : When compelled to proceed collectively subsequent to an unintentional death, lone privileged rank discovers that resentment, not money, is actually the foundation of everything evil.

Plot Summary : After hearing of their fathers mystifying death, the five privileged Mosier sisters are constraint to go back conjugal to insist their allocation of the list inheritance. With an ironclad will, Charles Mosier, the Patriarch of the family, provides his heirs the destiny bedrock to protect their economic future. But following down her identity since her fathers keeper, oldest baby girl Kathryn seizes the prospect to released eras of pent wide awake hostility furthermore resentment. But Kathryn isn't the hardly single plus something to prove. Each member of the list has a value to pay, furthermore since the weekend unfolds, they contemplate it can't troth remitted inside cash.

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