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Director : Ronn Head

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Tyler McElroy as Nate Keller , Denise Williamson as Lauren Hall , Chris Plaza as Sean Reyes , Nicholas Mills as TJ Cruz , Jon-Michael Foshee as Derek Mathews , Julin as Julianne Baker , Mark Hayter as Lounging Larry , Joe Grisaffi as Joe Cooke , Bilal Gardner as Depot Employee Bilal , Ryan Hlavin as Depot Employee Andre , Stephanie Bowell as Sarah Daniels , Sara Gaston as Sally The Annoying Customer , Lance Austin as Stoner Customer , Sergio Arrieta as Godfather Customer , Michael Hester as Angry Customer , Marlon Carr as Snoop Dogg Customer

Plot : One morning time Nate Keller arrives at his occupation at The Lighting Store, the solitary occupation he's still known, furthermore discovers that Joe… See more » |

Plot Summary : One dawn Nate Keller arrives at his career at The Lighting Store, the merely career he's forever known, as anyways as discovers that Joe, the owner, is months in the back of on the mortgage as anyways as faces foreclosure. The news broadcast pass on Nate as anyways as his co-worker as anyways as supporter Sean into a spiral of wrong urgency to until their lend a (helping) hand to home. Adding insult to injury, this fuels Nate's girlfriend, Lauren, to many times moaner him to mature as anyways as go out the finalize lot in the back of to receive a company career because her father. As the foreclosure looms resembling a ticking span bomb of failure, a disgruntled earlier person as anyways as Nate's exorbitant bracket rival, Derek, swoops inside as anyways as listings a demanded on the supermarket to acquire it as anyways as fire everyone, whirling it into an exit because the local mega-chain Depot Warehouse. With their lives hovering inside the balance, a minor glimmer of expect looks inside the sort of a genre sitcom loan officer inside costs of the case, who is none although Nate's early life crush, Julianne. In the vital underdog story, Nate as anyways as Sean man-up on a bank of misadventures of desperation as anyways as sustained expect to bring to an end adjust take pleasurable in ruining their lives as anyways as friendship. Filled in addition to testosterone-fueled hi-jinks as anyways as unrequited warmth triangles, "Bright Ideas" takes out you on a length to go out adjust inside the dust, as anyways as tranquil gulp into the familiar, adorable rut we communicate with life.

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