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Director : Vicky Jewson

Release Date :

Genre : Action

Cast : , James Frain as Simon, Sofia Black-D'Elia as Mina, Michael Brandon as Harm Helder, Joey Ansah as Atal, Lydia Leonard as Olivia, Michael Maloney as Ian, Lisa Kay as Daphne, Emil Marwa as Assassin, Philip Arditti as Khalid, Julia Verdin as Dr. Laura Scripps, Yaron Shavit as Husband, Olivia Jewson as Harriet, Simon Lenagan as Shopkeeper, Samantha Michelle as Emma, Christian Kinde as Frederick, Rupert Whitaker as Baz, Avin Shah as Dagar, Mouna Albakry as Wife, Rafaela Pugh as Dee, Daniel Gabriel as Boy Racer 1, Felicity Whiston as Nurse, Jade Hudson as Saba, Paring as Chinese Takeaway Lady, Nick Bourne as Boy Racer 2, Alastair Cox as Funeral Home Man, David Motion as Hotel Porter, Charlie Warner as Kaiyan

Plot : Genre also broadcast place: Vicky Jewson's afterwards show Born of War is an action/thriller sighted the guy broadcast place.

Plot Summary : The mountainous with far-off Wakhan corridor 1988. Daphne, a teen English rose finds herself inside excess of her head. Accused of the murder of a teen boy derive pleasure a tribal division at a lengthy characteristic away of struggle between the local individuals with unfamiliar invaders, she must run off because her subsistence with get an added identity. 2011.The halls of an unremarkable university inside England. Mina, a opposite sex student, is a gorgeous misfit, in existence at domestic because she can't manage to pay for campus fees. One dead night her existence is turned around upside sip with the entirety that she has assumed near to who she is is blasted inside a dire invasion on her division home. Her parents are wiped out with barely herself with her 10 per annum more matured aunt survive. They are after that conveyed into protection, with the valid the comprehensive story is revealed: Mina's mum felt a shady secret. Daphne was not barely accused of murder aid inside 1988, on the variant hand felt an illicit with unsafe problem also the chief of the tribal division also whom she stayed. Mina is his daughter, with he requests her back. Mina is repulsed by her specific identity. She strives to find out if her crude belief to espouse herself critical her attackers was attributable to an inherited dire ability. This man, her father, is inside hiding, pouring a revolt assortment inside a remote vicinity with inside the means slaughtering legion people, at the present let alone her family. The barely characteristic to protect her sister, the entirety she has left, is to countenance him with start off upon a fatal cruise into the unknown. She must at the present elucidate if it is long period of time to wrangle or flee.

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