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Director : Jason Torrey

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Ashley Arnold as Angela , Kimberly Simone as Jessica , Larry Holden as Nathan , Vanessa Leigh as Tara , Phillip Ristaino as Kevin , John Westcott as Kyle , Kevin Hayes as Sam Unger , Ben Kirchmyer as Mr. Unger , Erin Lynch as Mrs. Unger , Sherrie Lemire as Patricia , Popi Kapiris as Lucy , Paul Kratka as Uncle Dave , Dita Prenn as Sara , Adam Morey as Jack , Neal Howland as Rick , Andrew Adler as Kenny , Carlos Gilliam as Donny , Lynn Jolicoeur as Maureen McKenna , Kevin Barbare as News Anchor (voice) , Evan Howland as The Killer

Plot : The nightmare of the unsolved, unsystematic murder is conveyed to life: A faceless killer wreaks mayhem on the lives of common kinsfolk inside a tiny Massachusetts town. |

Plot Summary :

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