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Director : Scott Honea

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Cast : , Lisa Baker-Whitfield as Lizabeth, Keith Barber as Call Center Operator 3, Louisa Cambridge as Real Estate Agent, Noe Casanova as Mattress Thief, Judson Davenport as Call Center Operator 1, Connie Doyle as Wanda, Camille Emmert as Camille, Anthony Foreman as Call Center Operator 2, Arron Harrison as Benny Elm, Chuck Houston as Dutch Elm, Marc Isaacs as Officer Brooks, Danielle Lozeau as Sarah, Frank Means as Dean, Chuck Merlo as Reverend, Julie Mitchell as Adelaide Morrison, Matt Olsen as Raleigh Elm, Wyatt T. Turner as Wyatt, Justin Waldrip as Trophy Shop Owner, Suzanne Waldrip as Trophy Shop Owner

Plot : After human being blindsided by an unthinkable crisis, a small-town photographer volunteers at a suicide scorching queue where he finds a cue that may well crack the riddle at the rear of his grief. |

Plot Summary :

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