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Director : Richard Mogg

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Romance, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Paula Burrows as Amber Rain , Laura Hope as Jenna Turnbull , Brian Steel as Sage Malone , Victor Van Der Merwe as Larry Leswank , Shayan Bayat as Sid Chancy , Eduard Stuart as Troy Case , Shane Symons as Clarence The Pimp , Chris J. Clements as Mike Lavenbee , Heming Hopkins as Danish Hole , Harry Canyon as Kirby Windows , Adrian Patterson as Steve Slathers , Laura Miller as Casting Director , Rebecca Strom as Johnny Audit , Trudy Galoob as Doctor Brees , Olivia Keane as Carry Kick

Plot : Amber Rain may do whatever to engagement a famous person nonetheless whilst her botched, bust-enhanced boobs appearance talking, she learns that the use to achievement is paved inside blood. |

Plot Summary :

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