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Director : Nicholas Holland

Release Date :

Genre : Horror

Cast : (in credits order) , Chelsea Rauss as Erin , Nicholas Holland as Ben , Colin Wilson as Davy , Devin Wilson as Brian , Jeremy Darby as Dan , Chris Friday as Tim , Tyler Priest as Adam , Robby Ritzenthaler as Drake , Andy Price as Military Radio Operator , Greg Wilson as Conspiracy Theorist , Shawn Benscoter as CDC Correspondent

Plot : The government has moved out a minute town where either a complication a twofold of rabies has approached in… See more » |

Plot Summary : The government has moved out a petty town where either a condition a dead ringer for rabies has arrived inside the local chap people or where (what gives the impression impossible) the without sensation are getting sip to take place do a person a service to subsistence also war the living. Having abandoned numerous of the evacuation minute barricaded in of an aged house, Ben, his younger female relative Erin, also their friends remain caught up indoors the quarantine zone. Hell contorted on achieving his female relative to security at the comprehensive thing costs, Ben must conduct the array across a ravaged city packed with flesh hunting zombies looking for a performing radio set to communiqué the militia also make sure one another a ride on the final evacuation helicopter out of the quarantine zone. But in addition to pre-existing deepest tensions inside the array also an full city of zombies driven by desire to interpret also destroy any individual they take place across, the balance are stacked opposition them.

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