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Director : Ron Howard

Release Date :

Genre : Biography, Drama

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete) , Russell Crowe as John Nash , Ed Harris as Parcher , Jennifer Connelly as Alicia Nash , Christopher Plummer as Dr. Rosen , Paul Bettany as Charles , Adam Goldberg as Sol , Josh Lucas as Hansen , Anthony Rapp as Bender , Jason Gray-Stanford as Ainsley , Judd Hirsch as Helinger , Austin Pendleton as Thomas King , Vivien Cardone as Marcee , Jillie Simon as Bar Co-Ed (as Jill M. Simon) , Victor Steinbach as Professor Horner , Tanya Clarke as Becky , Thomas F. Walsh as Captain , Jesse Doran as General , Kent Cassella as Analyst , Patrick Blindauer as MIT Student , John Blaylock as Photographer , Roy Thinnes as Governor , Anthony Easton as Young Man , Cheryl Howard as Harvard Administrator , Rance Howard as White-Haired Patient , Jane Jenkins as Code-Red Nurse (as JJ Chaback) , Darius Stone as Adjunct , Josh Pais as Princeton Professor , Alex Toma as Toby , Valentina Cardinalli as Joyce , Teagle F. Bougere as Young Professor , David B. Allen as John Nash Jr. – Teenager , Michael Esper as John Nash Jr. – Young Man , Eva Burkley as Girl at Bar (as Catharina Eva Burkley) , Amy Walz as Blond in Bar , Tracey Toomey as Brunette , Jennifer Weedon as Brunette , Yvonne Thomas as Brunette , Holly Pitrago as Brunette , Isadore Rosenfeld as Pen Ceremony Professor , Tommy Allen as Pen Ceremony Professor (as Thomas C. Allen) , Dave Bayer as Pen Ceremony Professor , Brian Keith Lewis as Pen Ceremony Professor , Tom McNutt as Pen Ceremony Professor , Will Dunham as Pen Ceremony Professor , Glenn Roberts as Pen Ceremony Professor , Ed Jupp Jr. as Pen Ceremony Professor (as Ed Jupp) , Christopher Stockton as Princeton Student , Gregory Dress as Princeton Student , Carla Occhiogrosso as Princeton Student , Matt Samson as Princeton Student , Lyena Nomura as Princeton Student , Kathleen Fellegara as Insulin Treatment Nurse , Betsy Klompus as Insulin Treatment Nurse , Stelio Savante as Technician , Logan McCall as Technician , Bob Broder as Technician rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Michael Abbott Jr. as Princeton Library Tutor (uncredited), Reggie Austin as Pen Ceremony Professor (uncredited), Fileena Bahris as Student (uncredited), Lloyd Baskin as Professor (uncredited), Sean Bennett as Student (uncredited), Cade Bittner as Harvard Student (uncredited), James Thomas Bligh as Nobel Prize Attendee (uncredited), Rich Bryant as College Student (uncredited), Dan Chen as Nobel Prize Ceremony Guest (uncredited), Phil Cirincione as MIT Student (uncredited), Scott Addison Clay as MIT Student (uncredited), Sean Dillon as MIT Student (uncredited), Berly Ellis as Princeton Tutor '78 (uncredited), Jonah Falcon as Mental Patient (uncredited), Fabrizio Fante as Harvard Student (uncredited), Scott Fernstrom as Trent Humphres (uncredited), Michael Fiore as MIT Student (uncredited), Mike Fitzgerald as Princeton Student (uncredited), Todd Fredericks as Man at Gouverners Ball (uncredited), Gregory Gordon as Student (uncredited), Evan Hart as Princeton Student (uncredited), Jason Horton as Princeton Student (uncredited), Ron Howard as Man at Gouverners Ball (uncredited), Dory Manzour as Princeton Student (uncredited), Charles McClelland as Man at Nobel Ceremony (uncredited), Jon M. McDonnell as Bar Patron (uncredited), Robert Myers as Professor (uncredited), Charles Pendelton as Bartender (uncredited), Reed Penney as MIT Student (uncredited), Michael C. Pierce as Radio Operator (uncredited), Mills Pierre as Princeton Student (uncredited), Sean Reid as Harvard Student (uncredited), Brian Smyj as Soldier (uncredited), Ned Stuart as Professor (uncredited), Dave Sweeney as Campus Cop (uncredited), Alessandro Tanaka as Student Admirer (uncredited), Douglas Taurel as Princeton Student (uncredited), John H. Tobin as Shadow Figure (uncredited), Jeffrey Christopher Todd as Princeton Student (uncredited), Ryan Tygh as Princeton Math Grad (uncredited), Erik Van Wyck as Princeton Student (uncredited), Warner Wolf as Award Ceremony Bystander (uncredited)

Plot : After a marvelous then again asocial mathematician accepts classified function inside cryptography, his living gets rid of a flip to the nightmarish.

Plot Summary : Biopic of the famed mathematician John Nash also his lifelong seeks plus his emotional health. Nash enrolled for a graduate student at Princeton inside 1948 also before long stood out for a perplexing duck. He dutiful himself to obtaining something unique, a mathematical theorem that may engagement absolutely original. He kept to himself because the more allocation also moment he went out because food and drink plus abundant students, he spends many span plus his roommate, Charles, who in due course becomes his paramount friend. John is before long a professor at MIT where he meets also in due course got connubial with a graduate student, Alicia. Over span still John begins to lose his hold close on reality, in due course someone institutionalized identified plus schizophrenia. As the depths of his alleged real world are revealed, Nash withdraws savours community also it's not till the 1970s that he brackets his foremost foray encourage into the real world of academics, step by step turning in to poll also teaching. In 1994, John Nash was awarded the Nobel revalue inside Economics.

A biopic of the meteoric birth of John Forbes Nash Jr., a math prodigy able to answer dilemma that shocked the most eminent of minds. And how he overcame existence of miserable ended schizophrenia to triumph the Nobel Prize.

From the heights of notoriety to the depths of depravity, John Forbes Nash, Jr. knowledgeable it all. A mathematical genius, he organized an incredible revelation too soon inside his occupation in addition to stood on the snapping point of international acclaim. But the handsome in addition to boastful Nash rapidly put down as himself on a unpleasant in addition to horrifying trip of self-discovery. After countless existence of struggle, he sooner or later triumphed way over his tragedy, in addition to at lengthy last – delayed inside vitality – found out the Nobel Prize.

At Princeton University, John Nash strives to product a top-notch contribution to bail anyone out for his legacy to the universe of mathematics. He at extensive last sorts a revolutionary success that will sooner or later earn him the Nobel Prize. After graduate stamp he turns to teaching, becoming romantically required plus his student Alicia. Meanwhile the government asks his muck inside with plus breaching Soviet codes, which almost immediately gets him required inside a eldritch conspiracy plot. Nash grows other with other paranoid awaiting a breakthrough that turns his complete universe upside down. Now it is simply plus Alicia's muck inside with that he will troth able to reclaim his spiritual potency with restore his status for the huge mathematician we recognize him for today.

<a href="/name/nm1171285/">John Nash</a> functions finished a myriad of highs also lows delight in his term since a Mathematics student inside graduate ilk at Princeton inside the behind schedule 1940&#x27;s to his Nobel Prize prevail since Economics inside 1994. A sparkling save for a little smug also antisocial man, Nash ideal to use up his term along furthermore his thoughts, which were initially of discovering mathematical formula interrelated along furthermore day after day occurrences, than along furthermore people. Two men he completed type a point along furthermore were Charles, his roommate at Princeton, also Alicia Larde, one in every of his students as soon as he was dictating at M.I.T. inside the too soon 1950&#x27;s. He also Alicia sooner or later marry. As term functions on, Nash lives additional also additional inside himself which causes main snags inside his life. But Alicia stands by her spouse to his redemption to the Nobel Prize win. Nash learns that his graduate ilk colleagues, along furthermore whom he saw a cordial save for a little far-flung relationship, are closer friends than he imagined, though inside his later on being alive he in fact accomplishes skip Charles&#x27; bureau over what on earth in spite of knowing that spending term along furthermore Charles is not inside his or anyone&#x27;s top interest.

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