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Director : Keith Smith

Release Date :

Genre : Horror

Cast : , Gabrielle Stone as Desiree , Jackey Hall as Renee , Vanelle as Georgia Parker , Kielah Fitch as Amber , Dyanna Wilson as Judy Metcalf , Mia Ruiz as Daisy Lopez other cast: , Joe Grisaffi as Todd Dixon, Chrissy Hajovsky as Crissy Walters, Aneela Qureshi as Brenda Simpson, Jason Sweatt as Tom Martin, Ana Ventura as Patricia Fuentes, Dylan Pierce as Officer Clark, Alexa Figueroa as Victoria Suarez, Jim Lawrence as Detective Stewart, Aleeah Rogers as Megan Dillon, Brittany Miles as Interviewer / camera operator, Susan Blair as Mrs. Martin, Charles Campbell Jr. as Rashard Green, Vincent as Limo Driver, Molly Sapp as Rhonda Richards, Chelsea Delz as Camera crew, Amber Monroe as Tamara Greene

Plot : Eight actresses are thrown in concert inside single house, furthermore are grappling as a role inside a low-budget fright film. Before long, they stumble upon an entity that is Hellbent on retribution furthermore sharing her killer.

Plot Summary : Eight aspiring actresses are thrown mutually inside a abode to compete given that heading of Scream Queen. Little do they or the crew fathom that the abode is haunted by a ghost on the lookout for revenge. Who will live, who will pass on inside this terror comedy that pokes enjoyment at both actuality shows along with horror.

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