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Director : Ivan Pavletic

Release Date :

Genre : History

Cast : , Niko Pavletic as Young Aetius Patrius Majorian , Eddie Portoghese as Catapulted Barbarian , Patrick Wolfe as Senator Avitus , Zoran Lesic as Dalmatian Legionnaire , Jonathan Fulton as Barbarian other cast: , Igor Galo as Caesar Valentinian III, Heath C. Heine as Heitius, Dean Satriano as Tribune Anthony, Mark Roeder as Odoacer, Ivan Pavletic as Flavius Aetius, Anthony Cubba as Caesar Romulus Augustulus, James Russell as Aetius Patrius Majorian, Spencer Kane as Libius Severus, Frank Edmonds as Barbarian, Brandon Kelley as The Giant Barbarian, Brittany Waller as Roman girl, Jarryl Edwards as Roman Guard, Ryan D. Olson as Roman Soldier, Will Dupree as The Bold Barbarian, Jason Delancy as Septimu, J.W. Bar as Barbarian, Robert Johnson as Senator Scipio, Danny Jacques as Roman Soldier, Maria Wolters as Roman Concubine, Luckson Bonhomme as Dario, Mary Hatcliff as Maria, Kirsten Deane as Valeria, Heather Rafferty as Roman girl, Piotr Gzowski as Senator Magnus, Greg Gibson as Senator Decimus, Pete Calikes as Barbarian, Gabe Reding as Barbarian, Summer Drayer as Felicia, Ryan Strauch as Frederik, Lou German as The Old Ostrogoth, Jimmy Dawson as Barbarian

Plot :

Plot Summary :

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