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Director : Joost van Ginkel

Release Date :

Genre :

Cast : (in credits order) , Gaite Jansen as Evy , Michael Muller as Nick , Eva van Heijningen as Mother Evy , Ariane Schluter as Mother Nick , Porgy Franssen as Father Nick , Robert de Hoog as Sijp , Hugo Haenen as Father Evy , Baue van Leyden as Friend Sijp , Valerie Pos as Caro

Plot : The Story: 170 Hz is a flick with observation to unconditional fondness furthermore the sovereignty that works in addition to it. Nick furthermore Evy… See more » |

Plot Summary : The Story: 170 Hz is a motion picture around unconditional care furthermore the sovereignty that behave plus it. Nick furthermore Evy are two tykes who make progress hopelessly inside care plus each other. Their care has no chimney or rational since they are both deafmute. They experience their own idiosyncrasies of making verbal exchange with each other, thus sec individual inside care before now ilks each other dais excluding the relaxation of the world, inside the remarkable eradication of their soundless care they gap self cherish their atmosphere however more. When they logic that their parents do not altogether believe each other individual together, they pick up an bold plan: they will run off furthermore hide inside a really unusual place, where Evy will turn into pregnant furthermore experience a infant – they are propelled that just the once they experience a little adolescent united zero furthermore not everybody will troth able to stock each other apart. Nick removes the initiative furthermore mechanisms off plus Evy to the hiding neighborhood he has systematically prepared, the blast of a earlier Soviet submarine inside a remote allowance of the harbour. Within that metal cartridge filled with sounds furthermore tremors they cannot hear, save for plus their strongly continued odd man out senses, may perhaps consider everything the more. They deliberate on their infant project. But inside that cage of enjoyment Evy steadily discovers that Nick knowledgeable an additional grounds to disappear.

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